Commercial Services
  ISUFI International & Associates enjoys a leading position in the provision of commercial law services to a variety of clients with varying objectives and legal concerns.

Our areas of expertise cover an array of industries and company structures from local authories to conglomerates and multinationals.

We provide the following commercial services:

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Food And Drink

The work undertaken by the ISUFI & International Associates law office includes:

  • Advice on Albanian and EU food and drink regulations, consumer protection, product liability and labeling and packaging law.
  • Advice on trade marks and other intellectual property matters, including handling trade mark and design applications.
  • Supply of goods, distributions, agency and other commercial agreements.
  • Joint ventures and other forms of corporate structures, and cooperation and project agreements.
  • Advice on Albanian and EU competition law matters related to the food and drink industries, and the handling of complaints to and investigations by regulatory bodies.
  • Advice on customs regulations and other aspects on international trade and commodities.
  • Advice on inwards processing relief and export refunds under the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Advice on taxation matters, excise duties and VAT relating to the food and drink industries.
  • The handling of litigation relating to the above and other commercial matters, and prosecution under food protection, trading standards and fair trading legislation.


Local Authorites

We advise in following particular areas:

Company and Commercial:

  • All matters of a corporate and commercial nature affecting local authorities; the constitution and the status of statutory corporations; tendering; joint venture projects; relationships with the private sector.
  • Mergers, corporate acquisitions and disposals, group corporate structures.
  • Conversion to LTD, JS, and vice vensa
  • Consideration of flotation and conversion requires a thorough review of all aspects of mutuality –v- plc status. Conversion itself calls for the strength in depth of large City practice such as ISUFI & International Associates. We would be happy to make a presentation to you.

Computers and Information Technology: 

  • Hardware and software agreements.
  • System development and turnkey projects.
  • Facilities management contracts.
  • Data Protection legislation.
  • Electronic Data Interchange.
  • EU technology initiatives.


Education establishments as statutory bodies; duties and powers of local education authorities; provision and maintenance of schools; further education establishments; internal organization, management and disputes; duties and powers of teachers and parents; judicial review.


Contracts of employment; unfair dismissal; redundancy; payment of wages and deductions; sickness; maternity rights; equal pay; sex and race discrimination; trade union related matters; health and safety at work.


Albania and EU environmental law including the duties and obligations imposed on local authorities and statutory bodies as to regulation and enforcement including, Integrated Pollution Control; waste management licenses and control of land-fill sites; duties as to the collection, disposal and treatment of waste; waste disposal companies; statutory nuisance; litter; water (including off-shore) pollution and land contamination; conduct of appeals, prosecutions and civil actions.

Hospitals and Health

  • Community care
  • Contractual and legal relationship with NHS trusts
  • Hospitals
  • Health authorities
  • Councils and associations and all other sectors on the health service industry

Pensions and Investments

  • Planning.
  • Establishing, modifying and winding-up of pensions schemes.
  • Pension grievances and court cases.
  • Investment agreements and collective investment arrangements.

Planning, Rating and Compulsory Purchase

All areas of planning law, including urban and rural developments; environmental assessments; compulsory purchase orders and award and disputes arising therefrom; the conduct of planning and rating appeals.

Property Law

All transactions and problems arising from property ownership; construction, development and financing contracts and agreements; residential and business leases; rent reviews; building under licence scheme.

Public Procurement

Competitive tendering and the impact of applicable EU legislation on local authorities.

Commercial Litigation

ISUFI & International Associates has an experienced Litigation Department which can advise on all contentious matters arising out of any of the above, including:

  • Contractual disputes.
  • Construction litigation.
  • Professional negligence.
  • Industrial tribunals.
  • Personal injury.
  • Judicial review proceedings and administrative law procedures.

Additional Services

The ISUFI & International Associates law firm has experienced conference and seminar speakers amongst its members and is able to offer client seminars both its premises and at the offices of clients. Information bulletins or Client Alerts on important developments in the laws affecting local authorities are regular published and distributed by the firm to clients and professional connections.

Banking and Compliance

Practical and legal aspects of the provision of banking services, securitization programmes and commercial lending, and compliance aspects of the Financial Services and Consumer Acts.

Capital Markets

All aspects of wholesale funding including CDs, ALL, EUR and foreign currency bond issues, swaps, US/Albania commercial paper programmes and subordinated debt/PIBS issues.


Merging, planning, redrafting, modifying and wind-up of pension schemes as well as ongoing operational advice.

Unit Trust and Investment Funds

The regulatory framework and both technical and practical aspects of establishing, maintaining and marketing trusts and funds.


Secured lending documentation including review of mortgage conditions and procedures and recovery. All aspects of securitization.

Corporate Taxation

Specialist building society taxation as well as group corporate taxation aspects.


Specialist insurance advice including acquisition or establishment of life insurance subsidiaries, life insurance ties and general insurance considerations. 


Executive and staff contracts, redundancies, acquisition and merger aspects and personnel policy generally.

Property Service

Portfolio management including acquisitions, disposal, commercial leases and related transactions, and planning.


Aviation And Aircraft Finance

We advise banks and other financial institutions, investors, manufacturers, private and state-owned airlines, packagers, aircraft brokers, insurance brokers and aviation consultants on banking law, international finance, regulatory matters and liability- related issues.

Aircraft financing

    Advise on the structuring of all cross-border and tax-based transactions including leveraged leasing.
    Secured debt-type financings, including export credit loans and/or guarantees.
    Asset-based financing arrangements, including:
    Sale-leasebacks, option and full payout leases
    Operating leases
    value guarantees, deficiency guarantees and residual value guarantees
    Political risk insurance cover in the private market and with export credit agencies Regulatory Matters
    Mergers, acquisitions and joint venture agreements in the aircraft industry, and competition issue.
    De-regulation of airlines in Europe, 1992 and the implications of airlines and other operators
    Advising oversease airlines in connection with Albania and European Union regulations on the conduct of business in the European Union.
    Advising tour organizers in connection with conditions of trading, licensing and bonding.

Airline Operations

Agreements relating to engine and component overhaul, maintenance and engineering, crewing, aircraft charters, leases and operational matters generally, tickets and computer reservation system.

Employment Law

The Law office provides a comprehensive range of advice and other services in employment matters including the following:

Employment Contracts

Service agreement and terms and conditions of employment including disciplinary procedures; drafting, reviewing and updating; advising on employers` and employees` contractual and statutory rights and obligations during the course of employment.

Pay and Benefits

  • Pay and fringe benefits
  • The law relating to deductions from pay

Health and safety at work

Statutory and common law liabilities of employers and employees with regard to safety, health and welfare of employees and the rights of safety representatives; advice on EU developments.


Discrimination on grounds of race or sex, equal pay and equal treatment including the impact of relevant EU legislation and the case law of the European Court.


Employees` pension rights both as an element of the remuneration package and in the context of compensation for pension loss. Advice on pension rights as an aspect of equal pay.

Trade Unions

The rights of trade union members in relation to the internal affairs of their unions, including ballots and discipline.

Industrial Relations

Collective agreements between employers and recognized trade unions; strikes, picketing and other forms of industrial actions; Court proceedings including injunctions and sequestration orders.

Confidential information and post-termination restraints

Duties of employees with regard to their employers` trade secrete and confidential information and the enforcement on restrictive covenants restraining employees` activities after the employment has ended; enforcing these obligations through the Courts.

Transfers of employment

Problems arising before and after change of employer occurring upon transfer of business, including contracting out of public services.


Employees` rights arising on the insolvency of their employers; employment problems for liquidators, receivers and administrators.


Individual entitlements and claims and the rights of trade unions to consultation and information.

Termination of employment

Claims of wrongful dismissal in the Courts and of unfair dismissal in the Industrial Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal; the handling of dismissals and the conduct of negotiation of settlement terms.

Overseas element

Immigration procedures and work permits for employees transferred to Albania or recruited from abroad; the implications of the transfer and secondment of Albania staff to work abroad, including relevant documentation.

Financial Institutions

Banking and Compliance

Practical and legal aspects of the provision of banking services and compliance aspects of the Financial Services and Consumer Credit Acts.

Capital Markets

All aspects of wholesale funding including CDs, Albanian lek and foreign currency bond issues, swaps, US/UK commercial paper programmers and subordinated debt/PIBS issues.


All aspects of portfolio transfer and securitization for mortgage lenders.

Company and commercial

Mergers, corporate acquisitions and disposals, group corporate structures.

Corporate taxation

Tax aspects of retail investment and mortgage business as well as all corporate taxation matters.


Secured lending documentation (both commercial and domestic) including review of mortgage conditions, procedures and recovery. Specialist Housing Association finance.


Merging, planning, redrafting, modifying and winding-up of pension schemes as well as ongoing operational advice.


  • Portfolio management including acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Commercial leases and Town Planning

Unit trust and investment funds

The regulatory framework and both technical and practical aspects of establishing, maintaining and marketing trusts and funds.


Specialist insurance advice including acquisition or establishment of insurance companies, life insurance ties and general insurance considerations.


Executive and staff contracts, redundancies, acquisition and merger aspects and personnel policy generally.Europe. Monitoring of the changing scene on Banking and Mortgage Credit Directives and specialist advice on cross-border operations and acquisitions, where appropriate using our Paris and Brussels offices.

Building Societies

  • Law and practice including mergers 
  • Acquisitions
  • Conversion to PLC status or transfer to/acquisition by an existing institution

Media And Entertainment

The work we undertake includes:

  • The full range of film and television production agreements, including rights documentation and contracts of engagement for key personnel;
  • Finance agreements and loan and security documentation; co-production agreements; programmed sponsorship contracts; completion guarantee documentation; trade and credit risk insurance; and the law, procedures and contractual framework involved in media financing generally.
  • Sales agency and all forms of distribution, sales and exploitation contracts; revenue collection agreements;
  • The preparation of television and radio franchise applications and advice on all broadcasting regulatory matters;
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements for cable re-transmission of television broadcasts; satellite broadcasting contracts; transponder leases;
  • Music publishing and recording contracts; agreements with copyright collection societies here and abroad;
  • The impact of EU law and Albania competition law on the media industry;
  • Trade marks, service marks and other intellectual property agreements such as computer software contracts and know how licensing; character protection and merchandising;
  • Taxation, including personal tax arrangements and advice on foreign performers` withholding tax; work permits and residence regulations.


While we handle commercial litigation of all kinds, we have special expertise in media-related cases. We act for plaintiffs or defendants in libel and copyright, breach of confidence and other intellectual property cases as well as major contractual disputes arising with the media and entertainment industry. We deal with the question of judicial review of Broadcasting Complaints Commission decisions and handle matters in the Copyright Tribunal. The subject matters of our media litigation can arise out of any of the types of work cited in the previous paragraph and in addition we are highly experienced in advising on errors and omissions insurance areas on behalf of producers, broadcasters, the insurers of broadcasters and the insurers of studio and other interests.

Our insurance connections are highly important; our experience is respected by many of the most significant insurers in the broadcasting errors and omissions fields. We are also accustomed to advise on programme content, not only from a libel point of view but also from other stand points, for example infringement of copyright and contempt of court. On these, as in other matters, we are happy to work in conjunction with in-house staff and outside barristers and assume greater or lesser responsibility as required by the client.

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