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Isufi & International Associates is a full service law firm in Albania that serves a domestic & international clientele. We pride ourselves on not just giving legal advice but presenting clear, well though out business solutions to the complex challenges that our clients face.

Our clear, concise legal advice is grounded on commercial objectives and as a result our team of lawyers will always delivers tangible value to your business. Here at Isufi International & Associates, legal expertise and business insight work hand in hand. The Law is our Ink. Your success is our signature!

Our law firm consists of Attorneys, Consultants, Trade Mark Agents, Accountants, Paralegals & other Support Staff. We promote a culture of excellence at every level in our company. We are a unique team of passionate, skilled and innovative legal professionals who see the law differently.

We have established ourselves as the premier choice of lawyers in a range of practice areas especially insurance, reinsurance, energy & international arbitration.  By concentrating on our clients' aspirations and using our specialist knowledge and expertise we achieve the best possible results.

Our Core Areas Of Practice Include:

The work undertaken by the ISUFI & International Associates law office encompasses a number of diverse areas but specific areas of specialisation include:

  • Advice on Albanian and EU food and drink regulations, consumer protection, product liability and labeling and packaging law.
  • Advice on trademarks and other intellectual property matters, including handling trademark and design applications.
  • Supply of goods, distributions, agency and other commercial agreements.
  • Joint ventures and other forms of corporate structures, and cooperation and project agreements.
  • Advice on Albanian and EU competition law matters related to the food and drink industries, and the handling of complaints to and investigations by regulatory bodies.
  • Advice on customs regulations and other aspects on international trade and commodities.
  • Advice on inwards processing relief and export refunds under the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Advice on taxation matters, excise duties and VAT relating to the food and drink industries.
  • The handling of litigation relating to the above and other commercial matters, and prosecution under food protection, trading standards and fair-trading legislation.

We are part of a GLOBAL NETWORK of 33 law firms that cover the following jurisidctions: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroun, Canada, Cape Verde, China/Hong Kong, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Georgia, Iceland, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Libya, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morrocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Quebec, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA & Yemen.

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